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turn boring data into an action thriller


Every piece of data can be presented in a way that keeps the audience at the edge of their seat. You just have to find the inherent drama in the numbers and graphs. Then add animation and visual emphasis to the story.


The data starts to fill in the gaps and like in a murder mystery story the truth is finally revealed.


Download (Office 2007), Download (Office 97-2003)




Even a balance sheet can be exciting


This animation takes a while to master but it gives you an edge over all other presenters. Download the files to how it is done.


Download (Office 2007), Download (Office 97-2003)




Thank You slide - the ending is as important as the beginning


The thank you slide is the one slide that is displayed the longest in your presentation if you have a Q&A session after the show. Make sure that it looks great and communicates important information.


Download (Office 2007), Download (Office 97-2003)




Another agenda slide


The more relevant the content to your topic and your audience the more successful you will be and more your audience will like you. In this case I used the original project handout that was given to all of us in the class. Everybody had to submit their answers to these exact questions so it is more than familiar to everyone at this point, still it is interesting to see it again as an agenda slide.


Download (Office 2007), Download (Office 97-2003)




Simple text, simple graphics


Peter Sterling VP of agency BBDO West told me that elections are the "ultimate marketing game". When later I was presenting the interview I had very limited time to talk about this idea, but it surely deserves one or two great slides to create an impact.


Download (Office 2007), Download (Office 97-2003)




A presentation prepared as a GOTO for my 452 Class in entrepreneurship


3 great web sites are being recommended here. Slideshare - a site where you can learn about branding, online marketing and presentation (among a lot of other things.) Springwise - a site that has the latest news on what is going on at this moment in the world of entrepreneurship. And Stock Exchange - a site that lets you download full resolution stock images for free.


Download (Office 2007), Download (Office 97-2003)




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