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Create Excitement with your agenda slide!


Many people like to hear a short agenda in the beginning of a presentation. But be careful, a boring agenda can set the tone for your entire presentation! Make sure that you awake the interest of your audience with the "table of contents" slide.


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Introducing the main character of the presentation


Before I went on to talk about what I learned from Fabian Geyrhalter during our interview sessions, I wanted to "place him on the mental map of the audience". In five seconds this slide establishes some important pieces of the puzzle: The picture helps the audience to create their mental image of Fabian. The visuals in the background literally add background information about Fabian: He came to Los Angeles from Austria and he built up his own agency here.


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Birth of a company


Introducing the moment when Fabian - after finishing college - in his "afterwork free time" published his own design web site. Having this page online made him seem like a big agency suddenly.


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guiding the audience through the presentation


This slide comes after several slides of general introduction.


It introduces the following part of the presentation: "We have learned ABOUT Fabian, now let's see what we can learn FROM him."


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using simple elements to describe complex ideas


Introducing a concept to the audience: "Don't focus on the size of your company. Focus on the quality of the people that are associated with your firm."


The circles inside the line represent employees and outside the line are the freelancers - a combination that creates a huge talent pool.


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emphasizing a point


This message has to be impactful and memorable. I wanted carve this into every mind sitting in the audience, since this was one of the most important thing I learned from Fabian. Simple design, huge letters. Just black and white emphasizing the seriousness of the issue. The $ amount is a reminder of the possible cost of forgetting to sign a simple document.


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The last message


The final and most foundational message. This is the last idea presented in the Fabian Geyrhalter presentation.


Imagine this slide on a screen that is four times as high as I am. Napoleon overlooking the 300 people in the audience...


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